Thursday, March 8, 2012


This was my plan.
Now in my late twenties, it is a distant dream. I like my job. I've already fallen in love. And round-trip plane tickets are now bought for vacation. Do I wish I could go back, be irresponsible, and fulfill these dreams? Sometimes. Adult life isn’t exactly living up to my expectations. I thought I’d cross certain milestones by this point, achieve more, and become content with my surroundings. But who am I kidding, that’s not me.
I was never much of a planner, but always a dreamer.


  1. Without dreamers, our world would be drab. Keep on dreaming!
    Sounds like you have accomplished a few things and that is always better than nothing, right?

  2. I am still a dreamer and not much of a planner; but by golly I have sure had my share of adventures! Hang in there, every year seems to get just a bit better ... at least it has for me, and I am 64. One thing I have learned, you may not fulfill dreams you want but other dreams (better than expected) are given to you. Keep on dreaming!


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