Sunday, March 11, 2012

Etsy Love

Just a few things I'm loving on Etsy right now:

I have been obsessing over these patterns from Thevelvetacorn all winter. If I had the patience to learn how to crochet I would purchase every last one. Not to mention how adorable that little cutie pie in the picture is!

I want this. Someone... anyone.. buy this for me, pretty please. It is from audiowood and is the perfect blend of minimalist meets vintage. I am truly in love.

I have a new love for burlap. I used to find it itchy and awkward but now I am drawn to it in purses, pillows, liners, you name it- I love it. Handmadeinhighbury has won me over again!

I initially fell in love with this beauty from littlebrownpen for the clock. As I read further, I found that it is a photograph from the Paris Color Project showcasing underappreciated landmarks and works of art. A great photograph always includes a great backstory!

This last one from mybeardedpigeon was on the front page as I was writing this entry and I had to include it! To me, it represents all of those things women try to become interested in at the beginning of a relationship to show that they are open-minded and up-for-anything. I was that young unexperienced woman before, trying to mold myself into the girl I thought he wanted. Thank God I learned from that mistake. Girls, they figure it out :)


  1. fab finds! thank you for including me!

  2. the pillow cracks me up. i have a funny mug with a vintage housewife on it and it says, "i love not camping."

  3. I absolutely love the record player! I'm such a sucker for vinyl and I agree about the minimalism aspect of it all. I need one of those pillows that says, "Sorry, when you said camping, I thought you meant tent camping at a camp site. Not back woods hiking and camping." The endless argument about what camping is between my fiance and I! :)


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