Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yes, I am one of those people who obsessed over the Royal Wedding this past weekend. My childhood nickname was not Cinderella for nothing. In case you were hiding under a rock, or as my boyfriend's father referred to me, an NFL draft widow, you undoubtedly have seen endless footage of London, pictures of the long awaited dress, the remarkable Westminster Abbey, the kiss, and then the second, etc.

I cannot resist a good story; but this was not just any story, this was a fairytale, a dream come true of most girls I know, regardless of age. Symbolically speaking, every girl wants to marry her "Prince" whether she is sappy enough to admit it or not. I blame Walt Disney; quite the imagination he had. Disney single-handedly conditioned girls from a very young age to believe in true love, chivalry, flawless features, and the idea that the perfect man is out there just waiting to put our shoes on.

And why not?

My cynical side would love to tell all of the hopeless romantics out there to get over it; it's not reality. But the eternal dreamer in me just cannot bring myself to accept it. Reality typically trumps fairytales. I know this and have come to terms with it. But I cannot sit back and ignore the fact that a "girl-next-door" type just acted out my childhood fantasy on live tv. The lesson to be learned from all of this, Don’t Settle! Will you end up with Price Harry if you keep at it? Probably not. The goal, or my version of a prince, is to be with someone who loves you unconditionally, challenges you daily, and makes you a better person continually. Don’t over analyze, these are clear questions that deserve your honesty. Trust me, when the answer is yes, you’ll know the difference.  

In honor of the Royal Wedding (and my new found interest in awkward hats), I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to see what the Chocolate Biscuit Cake (also known as the Groom’s Cake) was all about. I followed Sprinkle Bakes modified recipe of the original version by Darren McGrady and ended up with the following!

The first slice of pure decadence!

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