Monday, April 25, 2011

apartment revival

A home should represent those who live there; give off a certain personality if you will. When I first walk into someone else’s home, I anticipate all of the intricate details (from the chosen color scheme, to that one-of-a-kind piece found on vacation, to the type of artwork displayed) in order to learn more about the person. Mulling this idea over, I have to admit my hypocrisy. As I looked around our apartment of roughly over a year, the only personality I can drum up is of a sporadic, noncommittal, bland decorator.

A home is a further extension of your personality; so what should it say?
-That you have no children? Crave adventure? Appreciate culture? Or have you allowed yourself to become the families' dumping grounds, accumulating all things “vintage” and “fixable.” This combination instantly reminds me of my impeccable taste in all things free during my college years. Sadly, I currently find myself stuck somewhere in the middle.
Sure there are a few highlights that we are very proud of but it is a far cry from complete. It is definitely not from lack of interest or even time that our place still looks so unfinished a year later; I've just never planned on staying in one place that long. Now I find myself like many other twenty-somethings out there, ready, but with a lack of funds. Quick research shows that helpful advice, tips, and DIY remedies for the snowy white walls, dated beige kitchen, and the awkward room layouts that we have found ourselves occupying can be remedied.
We did it. We started the never-ending project. It had to be done.
Monotony has been to known drive me crazy. So why would I want the apartment (that I’m inevitably stuck in due to Ohio winters) to feel so depressing? A new furniture piece will soon be finding its way into our home. So we decided (well I decided, and begged until he gave in) that this was the perfect opportunity to rearrange, even recreate our living space. Spring is symbolic for revival, so why not begin right at home?
I cannot begin to explain what a difference it is making already. To actually enjoy being in the apartment that I have felt imprisoned in all winter long. Try it. Love it. Repeat often.

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