Friday, May 13, 2011

Quarter-life Crisis

It was not until recently that I let myself become inspired by anything with a hint of creativity. Even my passion for photography had taken a backseat (or had been locked up in the trunk) for the more important things going on in my life. Things such as work, school, family, and finally noticing that I wasn’t getting any younger posted up at the local bar with a cold one. (My parents should be so proud.)

I spent a lot of time reflecting after hitting my quarter-life crisis, or life's mandatory rest stop, and I will admit that there was just cause for the meltdown I incurred. I didn’t enjoy any of the aforementioned tasks that took up the majority of my life. I was growing up and figured that slamming the snooze button daily at 5:30, and dreading the upcoming events of the day were expected in adulthood. I was succumbing to a lifestyle of cookie-cutter corporate types with white picket fences meant for masking their true pain; when, in reality the whole idea made me nauseous. A reoccurring thought continued to eat away at the once spontaneous, adventurous, independent me- When was the exact moment I sold out? I gave up everything I wanted out of life, for what? Cash, pity, guilt, the list could go on and on.

So, I fixed it; changed the mind-numbing routine of what I called life and decided to pursue multiple things I love. After all, life should be enjoyable, not tolerable.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that everyone drop all responsibilities and obligations in order to selfishly pursue any and everything out there (although the thought has crossed my mind on occasion). What I am suggesting is to take the necessary steps to improving your life based on your own standards, not the standards of the masses, the media, reality TV...
Our chubby 'Chippy' dining on stale circus peanuts. Inspiration can be found anywhere.

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