Saturday, April 9, 2011

describe yourself challenge

Inspired by a recent interview, I decided to take the plunge and truly answer the clichéd question, “Describe yourself in 3 words.”  (On a side note, I had worked with this interviewer for the past year.) After my initial confusion had passed, I found answering it to be much harder than anticipated. For interviewing purposes, does one remain generic -listing words the interviewer wants to hear, or does one bare all in a truthful response? In addition, I was experiencing “adjective overload." Which ones would be appropriate, sound intelligent, and show the most depth of character? There was clearly not enough time for analysis.

So, I mumbled off 3 words that I could not remember 5 minutes later. Great work...

That got me to thinking about my students (seniors) who may be given similar questions on college applications and/or job interviews very soon. Breaking through their inevitable senioritis excuses, and reaching beyond the resume writing tutorials was this fantastic, narcissistic, real world application to their lives. Come on, what teenager doesn’t love to talk about themselves! Seniors a.k.a. know-it-all’s were required to do a bit of soul searching, among numerous other ways of critiquing themselves and each other. The goal was to consider who they really are at this stage of their lives, who do they aspire to be, and most importantly, if they were planning accordingly for their future.


The following is my abridged version of the project using 28 descriptive words about me (for my 28 years.) The selections are not all flattering but it is from this list that your “3 words” should ultimately come. I encourage everyone to do this. Brainstorm. Write everything down, good or bad. Pick a final number, then make your list much longer than that. Look at the words as a whole. Is this the person you are today; the person you aspire to be?  Ask others for their opinions. Then condense. Hopefully the result is just as gratifying for you as it was us.

1. Honest
2. Loving
3. Loyal
4. Spontaneous
5. Driven
6. Crazy
7. Strong
8. Nerdy
9. Optimistic
10. Pretty
11. Sarcastic
12. Picky
13. Clumsy
14. Fun/Silly
15. Passionate
16. Bitchy
17. Smart
18. Open minded
19. Independent
20. Organized
21. Extroverted
22. Leader
23. Healthy
24. Classic
25. Fashionable
26. Critical
27. Stubborn
28. Reflective

Goal: to remain ever-growing.

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