Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wooden Growth Charts

Happy fall to everyone! I decided to treat myself today with a little winter boot shopping :) No purchases were made but I definitely have some ideas of what I "need" this winter.

As summer was wrapping up, a cousin of mine had her first baby! I was more than happy for her and couldn't wait to start spoiling her little one. During our discussion, it was brought up that they didn’t have a permanent residence yet and that their fate would be decided by the fluctuating housing market in the months or years to come. In that moment, I was reminded of my own childhood, moving quite frequently, and knew the perfect gift for the whole family.

These wooded growth charts would have made my mother's life a lot easier while trying to track our height growing up! She took the door off the hinges of one of the first apartments we lived in and propped it up in the laundry room or inside the coat closet, basically anywhere it would fit, in order to keep a consistent measurement for us. I didn't want my cousin doing the same! And once the first one was made- the idea took off!

The yellow one is inspired from traditional ruler color. The black and white is my personal favorite with its cleaner, modern look. The red (scarlet) and gray one was meant to represent the Ohio State Buckeyes since we are huge fans around here!! I didn't add any specific OSU details on purpose so it is also just fire truck red for any little boy or girl who may like the colors. A Cleveland Browns (brown and orange) inspired growth chart is almost finished and will be added to the shop within days. I'm thinking purple is next but we will see :) They can all be purchased/customized in the Ashley Nicolle Design etsy shop. If your local- shipping is free, just let me know before you purchase and we can arrange a local pickup!


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  1. That is a really great idea - and makes sure one can "persuade" finicky eaters down the line! Eat it all up and you can make sure you keep ahead of your brother/sister etc. et al!

    Should do well! Best wishes!


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