Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY clutch purse...

Another project completed (sort of)! I had originally bought the fabric/supplies for this little clutch over the summer yet never got around to finalizing it due to a very frustrating last step. In the beginning, it seemed incredibly easy to make and was marketed in such a way that “any beginner” could whip this up in half an hour. Really? Countless days of my summer had been spent on this “half-hour” project with no success.

The result was typically a broken needle lunging towards my face at the final sewing stage. There are a lot more layers to this bag than I had anticipated and still being a newbie I could not figure out the problem. I bought heavy duty needles, switched up the materials used for the layers, contacted the Etsy shop owner I purchased the pattern from (who shall remain nameless due to their lack of response) and still ended up with an unfinished bag.

At this point, I have decided that this bag is way too cute to leave on the shelf weekend after weekend. My issue begins and ends at the lass stage of sewing; a French seam on the corners. I’ve followed numerous tutorials, the original pattern makers directions, and somehow I just cannot win this battle. So, the edges are unfinished around the corners. The bag as a whole definitely does not have an unfinished look; it’s just not as polished as I’d like it to be.
Help, please?!
This weekend I tried again, the picture above was the result. Sigh. I  give up; I am turning to the experts of creativity & sewing in blog land for this one. If anyone has a suggestion or has encountered this issue, I would love to hear anything you might offer!
Thanks in advance :)

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