Wednesday, October 5, 2011

kitchen upgrade

Confession: my apartment has not had an ounce of decorating attention since school started (or much cleaning attention, for that matter either). Admitting fault is step one, right?!
As I was preparing for my first craft show (details to come), I ran to Target to pick up a few last minute items. Which, if you know me you already know that this quick trip for necessary items lead to a buggy full of random ‘must-haves.’ After condensing and forcing myself to spend only the $10.00 I walked in with, I proudly left with the following: all necessary items, 2 picture frames, and wall d├ęcor for the guest bathroom. Love Target.
One of the color pallets I have been obsessing over on my Pinterest page is finally starting to come together. Maybe it's the fall colors popping up everywhere that inspired me, or possibly my boyfriend's wardrobe which seems to be limited to orange, brown, & white during football season. Either way I'll admit this is not the most obvious pallet for me and to further my honesty, it is sort of a plan B until I can achieve my vintage-style dream kitchen.
But for now I’m thinking…
Thinking stark white with navy and orange accents

Winter is approaching, and frankly, it is not a season that suits me well! So... why not bring a little happiness into the room I spend most of my time in during those bitter, cold months!

Advice welcomed!


  1. I agree with Frank. Orange will definitely make your room happier!

  2. Lately I've become quite fond of orange! It's a sunny and bright color.

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  4. I think orange and navy together would be great. I'm in the middle of a house remodel and I know trying to decide colors and all the details of rooms can be hard but so much fun!

    BTW - I'm a new follower from blog buddies


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