Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apartment Style Gardening

First one

Today, I became the proud mama of our first tomato this season!  Is it more lame that I am this excited about growing my first veggie, or the fact that I cannot think of a better word to use than lame? Regardless, I am an apartment dweller and consider this a great triumph seeing as though I have no actual gardening space/soil, so to speak, to use. Instead, we used a potted gardening method that seemed, upon my boyfriend's diligent research, to be quite ill-tempered. We had to take into account everything from the size of the pot, to the length of the roots, to the amount of daily sun/water required, etc., and of course each plant had a different recipe for growth. So we decided to try our hands at the whole gardening thing and grow as many things as possible; our hopes were that something would take. Great idea, right? Apparently our thumbs are bit “greener” than expected because we now have a massive amount of horticulture taking reign over the patio. Everything from tomatoes, to multiple different types of peppers, to garlic, to onions, to a variety of herbs...
What comes to mind now as I stare out onto the cute patio where we once used to dine – homemade sauce, salsa, pesto, hot pepper spreads, hot pepper butter, caprese salad… Ok anything Italian.
Eat fresh; eat well.
Plenty more on the way


  1. Hey Ohio Girl ;-)!

    Impressive tomatoes! I love your blog - so glad you stopped by mine so that I could find YOURS!

    Thanks for following and I am happily returning the favor - -

  2. There is nothing lame about the first tomato of the season! We're still waiting for ours.


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